Sunday School


Bright and Morning Star Sunday School is a great way to learn more about the biblical principals and how scripture encourages us to live holy because He is holy.

Our Sunday School is broke down into groups for men, women, young adults, high school and younger age kids.

Sunday School begins at 9:45, but if you get here at 9:00 you can enjoy one of the best breakfasts in San Antonio.

Stop by!! We look forward to seeing you!!

Bible Study

Times We Meet

Bible Study is every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30

Current Activities

Currently we are breaking down the book of Hebrews where we are learning about Faith and Obedience

Ask Questions

Bible Study is a great place to come and have questions answered for a particular passage of scripture, and/or just general questions that you may have.  Our Pastor takes the time to discuss whatever may be on the mind of the group!!